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Outliers Podcast

What is an outlier?
a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set.
[Geology] a younger rock formation isolated among older rocks.
[Math] a data point that lies outside the overall pattern in a distribution.
the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful, high-achievers that are different.

About the podcast

Outliers Podcast features the individuals behind the most successful startups in Greece and abroad, narrating their personal journeys, challenges, and opportunities they see in their industry. Through simple, honest, everyday talks, we get to know the entrepreneurs who transform entire markets and change the narrative of entrepreneurship.

Through this podcast, we aim to inspire an audience from students to C-level executives, to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, and to give meaningful, first-hand advice to founders, young professionals, and the ecosystem as a whole.

4 seasons <br />39 episodes
4 seasons
39 episodes
45 Hours <br />of Content
45 Hours
of Content
44 Entrepreneurs <br />featured
44 Entrepreneurs
6 different <br />industries
6 different

A podcast series by endeavor

Established in 2012, Endeavor’s vision in Greece is to promote the narrative of greek innovation abroad, and support and facilitate connections for high-impact Greek entrepreneurs.

Founded in the beginning of a critical economic turmoil, Endeavor Greece aimed to serve the country’s entrepreneurship and help it flourish at the exact moment it was most needed. Since then, we have been at the epicenter of the Greek Innovation Ecosystem, putting together a phenomenal community of high-impact Greeks and internationals, who are transforming the Greek tech ecosystem.

As Greek companies rapidly grow and succeed, Endeavor’s mission is to share their success stories, and with the proper support, multiply their impact. Endeavor operates as a platform where entrepreneurs in our network can be heard, share their stories & achievements, attract interest, and contribute to the growth of the Greek ecosystem.