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A podcast series by Endeavor Greece

Every week we discuss with Outliers, high-impact fast-growing entrepreneurs who stand out worldwide, transform entire markets and change the entrepreneurial narrative. The people behind the most successful startups in Greece and abroad narrate their own journey, and pinpoint the challenges and opportunities they see in their industry.



Maria Chatzou Dunford

Co-founder & CEO, Lifebit

Aspa Lekka

Co-founder and COO, JOKR

Dimitris Vassos

Co-founder and CEO, Omilia

Apostolos Atsalakis

Co-Founder, PNO─ĺ

Jack Naglieri

Founder & CEO, Panther Labs

George Sidiropoulos & Iakovos Stamoulis

Founders, Think Silicon S.A., an Applied Materials Company

Angelos Stavrakis

Founder & CEO, Safesize

Eleftherios Diakomichalis

Co-founder, Radicle

Stavros Papadopoulos

Founder & CEO, TileDB

Victor Trokoudes

Co-founder & CEO, Plum

Steven Galanis

Co-founder & CEO, Cameo

Alexandros Argyros

Founder, Moonfare

Charis Arvanitis

Founder & CEO, Spotawheel

Costa Tsaousis

Founder & CEO, Netdata

Argyris Kaninis & Marios Stavropoulos

Founders, Softomotive

Haris Pilarinos

CEO, Hack The Box

John Papadakis

Co-founder & CEO, Pollfish

Thanos Papangelis

Co-founder & CEO, Epignosis

Michael Petychakis

CTO, Orfium

Alexis Pantazis & Emilios Markou

Co-Founders and Executive Directors, Hellas Direct

Nikos Moraitakis

Co-founder & CEO, Workable

Panos Paleologos

Founder & CEO, HotelBrain

Philipp Deutscher

Vice President Software Development, TeamViewer

Alex Loizou

Co-founder & CEO, Trouva

Nikos Drandakis

Serial Entrepreneur

Nicky Goulimis

Co-founder & COO, Nova Credit

Andreas Raptopoulos

Founder & CEO, Matternet

George Hadjigeorgiou

Co-founder & CEO, Skroutz

Maria Katris

Co-founder & CEO, Built In

George Hadjigeorgiou

Co-founder & President, ZOE