Alexandros Argyros

Founder, Moonfare

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“Moonfare’s most important advantage is technology. In other words, if I want to make an investment as a customer of a large bank, the procedure will possibly take long revolving around an endless array of pdfs, photocopies, handwritten signatures, scans. Consequently, a platform such as Moonfare transforms this experience into something utterly diffrent.”

Alexandros Argyros is Cofounder and Member of the Board at Moonfare, a company which is unique in the world for allowing individual investors to invest in top-tier private equity funds with a minimum investment lower that the one usually required. Today, the company has funds as high as 500€ millions under its management, and has raised 28€ millions through investment. Prior to Moonfare, Mr. Argyros had acquired deep knowledge of the investment industry through the positions he held at JP Morgan and KKR in New York and London. In this podcast episode, Mr. Argyros talks about his first business moves, the innovative changes in the investment industry brought about by Moofare, and about his next personal challenges.