Angelos Stavrakis

Founder & CEO, Safesize

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"When we talk about results and performance, we do not mean only financial, but for us it is the happiness and balance of our people. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint."

Angelos Stavrakis is the founder and CEO of Safesize, an Amsterdam-based company that wants to change the way we buy shoes worldwide. The company has developed a ‘virtual fitting’ technology, which uses special treadmills to scan shoes and feet in 3D, and uses algorithms to suggest the right shoe size. Safesize has more than € 26 million in funding and has already collected features for millions of shoes from 1,500 brands in Europe, America, and Asia. Last March, the increased needs of Safesize led to the creation of a Research and Development team in Greece. Angelos explains the enormous opportunities that arise through the database created by Safesize, the changes that AI brings to retail, and the culture of the human-centered company.