Apostolos Atsalakis

Co-Founder, PNOĒ

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"What we can see from human blood we can see from breath."

Apostolos Atsalakis, co-founder and CEO of PNOĒ, a healtech company based on human respiration. Its main product is a portable device that measures everyone’s metabolism through their breathing. Based on the measurements, he creates one through artificial intelligence personalized diet and training program. The device is available in America and is used by health professionals to top NBA athletes. Apostolos started PNOĒ during his PhD in Cambridge and decided to formally establish the company in 2016 in Athens while he also has offices in Palo Alto. Out of the 60 people of the company, 40 belong to the Greek team. In total, they have raised more than $ 5 million in investor funds and are currently in the third round of financing of $ 8 million. With Apostolos, we talk about the great change that democratization brings to the breath test, about the effects of the pandemic on the fitness and wellbeing industry, but also about the rapid development of the Greek ecosystem.