Argyris Kaninis & Marios Stavropoulos

Founders, Softomotive

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In all enterprises, there is always a tendency for optimization so that they can reduce expenses. It is a constant effort to make things better. RPA is a major breakthrough with regard to this effort. In other words, it gave the possibility of great efficiency, while cutting down on the expenses.

Argyris Kaninis and Marios Stavropoulos are the founders of Softomotive, the world-leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In 2020, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Softomotive for an impressive amount of money. The aim of the acquisition is to embody the robotic process automation software that the Greek company develops into the relevant application offered to Windows users by Microsoft. By then, Softomotive had already built a network of 9,000 clients in 80 countries, and in 2018 it had received a 25€ million funding by Grafton Capital. Argyris and Marios talk about the latest software that they have been developing for Microsoft exclusively in Greece, and about their vision of making RPA accessible to all.