Costa Tsaousis

Founder & CEO, Netdata

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“I believe that Netdata has no direct competition. Once you get acquainted with it, you will have serious difficulty putting it aside. It provides you with so much information, so well-structured information, that everyone falls in love with it.”

Costa Tsaousis is the founder and CEO of Netdata, which is based in San Francisco and has transformed the infrastructure monitoring industry. Netdata has developed a software that monitors the performance of various computer systems. Its clientele involves companies, such as Amazon, Linkedin and Facebook. The company acquires 10,000 new users on a daily basis, having received a total funding of 33€ millions. Costa talks about the groundbreaking deal he signed with Bain Venture Capital, after performing a short, but crucial, trip to America, and about the distinct applications of Netdata cloud that keep updating the infrastructure monitoring on every level.