George Hadjigeorgiou

Co-founder & President, ZOE

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"We started ZOE about 3 years ago. The name comes from the Greek name life, because the purpose and goal of the company is to help many people worldwide to live a better life by improving their health"

George Hadjigeorgiou is co-founder and president at ZOE, a healthtech company that was established in 2017 and is based in London and Boston. Its mission is to improve the nutrition choices and health of millions of people by using Artificial Intelligence focusing primarily on gut health and metabolism. The company has recently developed pro bono the Covid Symptom Study App, an application with more than 4,500,000 users, which contributed considerably to the Covid-19 related research. George talks about his experience with startups Housetrip and Efood, about the health problem ZOE is trying to resolve, as well as the contribution of the Covid Symptom Study to worldwide scientific research. To date, ZOE has received funding of $30MĀ from Venture Capital Funds and Entrepreneurs in the USA and Europe.