Maria Katris

Co-founder & CEO, Built In

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“In the 1970s it was all work for paycheck, in the 2000s it was everyone wanted work life balance, now work and life is so tightly integrated is all about finding your identity at work"

Maria Katris is the founder of Built In, a leading US platform for tech recruitment. Maria grew up in a Greek-American family who ran their own business, and was surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. After running her own successful nanny-placement agency, she decided to turn her attention to a new vision: helping Chicago become a tech hub. Founded in 2011, today connects 2 million visitors with over 1,800 tech companies, helping potential candidates tap into their local tech communities. Maria talks about the family pharmacy she grew up around, how she became one of the first female entrepreneurs in Chicago to raise 22 million dollars and why work has become an expression of identity for young people.