Panos Paleologos

Founder & CEO, HotelBrain

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“We strongly believe in synergies. Obviously, an individual hotel can only offer specific services. However, if you manage 20 hospitality establishments in one destination, then you have the opportunity to do a lot more things.”

Panos Paleologos is the founder and president of HotelBrain, Greece’s leading hotel management group. He started his career in 2000, at a time when the Greek tourism was at its peak. Nowadays, HotelBrain provides consulting services, management and planning studies for investments in more than 60 hotel establishments located in over 34 destinations in Greece. Panos discussed the early years of the company, the way he approached investors, the chances and the changes that the professional hospitality management brought about in the hotel industry as well as the challenges that the Greek tourism will have to face in the post-covid era.