Steven Galanis

Co-founder & CEO, Cameo

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“I want to be the worst person at the company, as quickly as possible. You do that by hiring people that are better than you at the thing they do specifically”

The Greek-American Steven Galanis is the co-founder and CEO of Cameo, the application that connects directly fans with more than 40 thousand celebrities. One of the first supporters of the app is the top American rapper Snoop Dog, while the list includes Rockstars such as Alice Cooper, NBA players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, and actors from famous productions such as “The Lord of the Rings”. By 2021, Cameo has secured $ 100 million in funding, nearly doubled its staff, and reached $ 100 million in sales. Steven talked about the value and influence of the image of celebrities, the huge investment deal with which Cameo’s value exceeded $ 1 billion, and of course shared useful tips for young entrepreneurs, as he learned from a young age in Chicago.