Thanos Papangelis

Co-founder & CEO, Epignosis

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“What I have seen is that people who have been working together for a long time, they have acquired a superpower. Communication is easier, things are faster, and trust improves. In my opinion, together, the team can do things that seem impossible to outsiders"

Thanos Papangelis is founder and CEO of Greek software company Epignosis. Epignosis helps large and medium-sized enterprises such as Zoom, Amazon and Schneider Electric, train their employees remotely via computer or even on their mobile phone. Their goal is to democratize education by providing accessible and affordable technology. Thanos narrates the company’s journey from inception until their expansion to San Francisco and discusses how they managed to attract big investors, such as PeakSpan Capital. He also explains the importance of healthy competition for the development of a company and discloses the major changes he believes technology will bring to employee training in the following years.