Victor Trokoudes

Co-founder & CEO, Plum

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"One metric we see is how we can make our users have more money, even if they only invest £500 a year for 35 years, they will have £100.000 by the end of the period."

Victor Trokoudes showed from a very early age his interest in the field of fintech, studying economics at Harvard, and became one of the first members of Transferwise in London. In 2016 he decided to start his own company; Plum. Plum is an application that is linked to the user’s bank account and helps the user manage expenses, save, and invest. It has 1.5 million users in the United Kingdom and has raised more than $ 23 million. In this episode, we talk about the huge importance of saving and investing through new technologies, but also about the team of 50 people at Plum in Athens, which is constantly growing.